• 1 Is it easy to use?

    One of the reasons for developing Twine was to make it easier and less time consuming for small businesses to collect data. That is reflected in the designs for every feature we have made - we have kept everything as simple as possible.

    Users often tell us that it is really easy to use once you have logged in and clicked all the buttons once. Like any technology, Twine takes a bit of practice first.

    We’re helping subscribers with the trickier bits by providing training online and in person, and a helpline. 

    Any feedback is useful to us and will help us to improve the platform. Do let us know if you have any thoughts about how we could change Twine for the better.

  • 2 How long does it take to set up?

    Setting up your subscription takes a matter of minutes. There is no need to install anything on your computer, only the volunteer app needs to be downloaded.

    Once you receive your login details, you can access video tutorials or different forms of training here.

    Volunteer data will be collected whenever volunteering takes place, and uploaded onto your Twine workspace overnight, so you may want to engage with on a regular basis. We’d recommend weekly.

    Visitor data is collected whenever a visitor walks in and uses their "membership card". You can access stats whenever you need to.

  • 3 Do I need technical support?

    Once it’s set up, Twine should need very little technical support. If you do have any questions, please contact our technical team at powertochangetwine@gmail.com

  • 4 What about data protection?

    Under GDPR law, the organisations using Twine are data controllers. Twine and Power to Change as the organisation offering it are Data Processors, in essence, we only use the data you share with us in ways you ask us to.

    We have taken all necessary precautions to ensure that the personal data we hold is kept safe and processed fairly, please see our full Terms and Conditions and the privacy policy for this website for reference.

    As an organisation using Twine and monitoring your volunteers will require you to take appropriate measures for data protection. When you sign up, there is a guidance sheet and training provided, but it is essential that your organisation follows its own data protection policy in line with GDPR.

  • 5 What about Third Parties, who are they and what are their Terms and Conditions?

    Many of the systems behind Twine were developed within Power to Change, and so we have a small list of relevant Third-Parties.

    Our database is hosted on Heroku, details follow:


    Heroku in turn hosts their services on Amazon Web Service's (AWS) physical servers, within the UK. AWS details follow:


    We have considered the future potential for additional services being offered through Twine. If and when this becomes the case these additional third-parties will be by individual agreement with user organisations only, in advance.